Christina Bisanz was appointed as the CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association in June, 2009. In this capacity Christina leads the association in its representation of 430 members from not-for-profit, charitable, private and municipal homes that provide quality care and services to nearly 50,000 residents.

Christina’s broad-based experience and leadership spans several years spent working with both private sector and non-profit organizations.  As an association executive, she has served as President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores, and the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management, Vice President, Customer Policy of the Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers of Canada and as Executive Director of the Consumers Council of Canada, and the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards.

Prior to joining the OLTCA, Christina was Vice President, Stakeholder Relations for PharmaTrust, an entrepreneurial health care technology company. Her goal is to continue to enhance the vital role that the long term care sector plays in meeting the care and accommodation needs of aging Ontarians and contributing to an effective and sustainable health care system.

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