Aging-in-place is all about being empowered to live wherever you choose with dignity and independence by being safe, healthy and socially engaged. Part of a successful aging-in-place strategy includes volunteerism. Volunteerism helps keep us socially engaged, open to learning new skills, meeting new people while sharing some of our skills and wisdom.

As a senior, do you think about including volunteering in your “aging-in-place” plans? Do you think about new ways to improve your life today so you can continue to age-in-place for years to come?

Perhaps you would like to help out the local food bank, garden club or even at your favourite place of worship. Being mindful of the important role that volunteering plays in your life and how it also contributes to a better world and a better society are key factors to successfully aging well and healthy. Volunteering helps keeps us young, engaging with those from other generations and less likely to be victims of elder abuse. How you live, where you live and with whom you socialize and if you volunteer will directly impact your health, happiness, independence and your dignity.

We are honoured and excited to partner with the Canadian federal government to present a series of digital events dedicated to a variety of ways that volunteerism contributed to successful age-in-place in place strategies. You are invited to follow along as we post a variety of seniors sharing why they volunteer and a few local examples of wonderful agencies that welcome seniors as volunteers. If you have questions, please call: 905 939 2931.

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