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CareLink Advantage

Caregiving is hard.  And most caregivers have no background or training prior to being thrust into the role.  Educating family about their loved ones condition and attending support group talks certainly help…but it does not change the enormity of their task, it also does not prevent caregiver burnout.  And when burnout happens their loved one is moved out of the home that they so desperately want to stay in.  CareLink Advantage is a practical tool that allows the caregiver to do their job better and more easily.  It reduces stress and burnout.  It keeps the senior safer…24 hours a day…especially when they are alone…and allows them to stay in their home where they want to be.  No one should ever have to go to bed wondering if their loved one is safe…or wandering out lost somewhere…or lying on the floor.  With CareLink Advantage no one has to worry!  CareLink Advantage is 100% covered in some provinces/care plans. / 1-866-876-7401 /


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