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Doris Inc. – A Business Approach to Caring for Your Elderly Parents

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Doris Inc. Book Cover

Doris Inc. is a true and touching story about how Shirley Roberts found a way to provide top-notch care for her ailing mother, Doris, while still having a busy life and career of her own.  Drawing upon their extensive business experience and Ivey Business School education, Shirley and her brother started a company-like enterprise they called Doris Inc.  Using business disciplines, they proactively planned and managed all aspects of their mother’s care and well-being.  The end result was better decisions, more time-efficient care and peace of mind.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1:       My Heart-Wrenching Caregiving Dilemma
  • Chapter 2:       Creating Doris Inc. to Take Better Care of Mom and Me
  • Chapter 3:       Finding Balance in My Life
  • Chapter 4:       Planning for the Stages of Decline
  • Chapter 5:       Financial Planning for Senior Decline
  • Chapter 6:       Elder Proofing to Reduce Preventable Crises
  • Chapter 7:       Navigating the Health Care Maze and Advocating for Mom
  • Chapter 8:       Choosing the Right Type of Living Arrangements
  • Chapter 9:       Finding the Best Retirement Residence with Mom
  • Chapter 10:     Finding a Good Nursing Home for Mom
  • Chapter 11:     Dealing with Dementia
  • Chapter 12:     The Last Life of Doris
  • Appendix:        Caregivers’ Palliative-Care Guide

In Doris Inc., Shirley Roberts shares the strategies that worked so well for her family:

  • Concrete advice about making tough decisions
  • Planning for the stages of senior decline
  • Navigating the health-care maze
  • Elder proofing to reduce preventable crises
  • Finding a good retirement residence and nursing home
  • Financial pitfalls and ways to avoid them
  • Planning for your own golden years…

In Canada, Doris Inc. is available at bookstores nationwide and at and  In the USA, Doris Inc. is available at and

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