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MunchSpot is a FREE mobile search & reference tool for personal nutrition.

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MunchSpot is a FREE mobile search and reference tool for consumers who are focused on their personal nutrition.
MunchSpot was developed out of a growing need of consumers to be able to quickly search and find those meal options which meet their personal needs.

With growing awareness of the need to choose healthier options, consumers are faced with too much indeterminable data and confusing messaging.

MunchSpot has made your job easier by reviewing 1000’s of menu items and putting them into simple to use, easy to understand categories. Unlike web directories, MunchSpot uses the power of the mobile web to add location data, what is “nearest to me” and then adds not only calorie and sodium data, but the full range of data including some allergy, sustainable, vegan and vegetarian choices.

Searching the City while on the move is no longer a guessing game. Simply let your phone’s GPS tell MunchSpot where you are, select the categories you want to search for and you have a list of proximity based options in seconds. One click directions from Google, tap to call and more options coming on line soon, creating the best overall experience for our diverse and growing consumer base. the app is available from the front page of that site via a QR code or

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