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‘A Planning Tool With A Difference’ -Financial Post

Have you ever thought you should write down your medical history for use in an emergency but didn’t know where to begin? Do you have different filing systems but nothing is organized? If you were hospitalized, would your family know where your important papers are kept or what your wishes are?


Learn More: Audrey Miller has created this binder for you to document, maintain and update your personal information. This ‘keeper of the information’ is ideal for recording not only phone numbers, faxes and addresses, but also other types of contact data, such as emergency numbers, medical background, financial information, insurance policy types and numbers, email addresses and computer passwords.

As you begin filling in your personal information you may discover that the help from a trusted loved one may be extremely helpful. In this regard, this Wellness Binder™ can be used as a discussion guide with family and friends, especially the person who will speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself such as your Power of Attorney or Substitute Decision Maker. It could also include writing down your wishes, and may even involve using this information when talking with healthcare providers and financial and legal professionals. The binder will help you to be prepared and organized for whatever health issue is around the corner.

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The author: Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCLCP, is a recognized expert in life care planning, aging and caregiving issues. She has been interviewed and has appeared on television, radio and national news publications.

Audrey has an extensive background working with older adults and their caregiving families as well as educating professionals in the legal and financial communities about aging issues and the needs of caregivers. As a subject matter expert for the Royal Bank of Canada, Audrey developed a series of videos and articles for their Advice Centre.

As the author of hundreds of articles and blogs, Audrey shares her expertise and wealth of knowledge and experience at Her latest work, the ‘Wellness Binder’ is described by the Financial Post as “A Planning Tool With A Difference”.   This Binder is the ‘keeper of the information’ a place to capture your health, personal and caring information and designed to help you be better prepared for whatever health challenge is around the corner.

Audrey is the founder and Managing Director at Elder Caring Inc., a geriatric care management company helping families across the country navigate the healthcare and homecare systems, leverage community resources, and plan for present and future stages of care with confidence. 1 866 473 8887     @eldercareexpert   youtube/ECaringChannel




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