We believe that helping disabled adults improve their health, wellness, mobility and independence is very important.  As part of this project, we are pleased to present the 13 videos that were produced at several venues in rural King Township, Ontario.  The videos focus on a variety of simple, easy ways to improve the health, wellness, mobility and independence for disabled adults.  As part of our commitment to an inclusive society, Canadian families may watch these videos and adapt the ideas presented to suit individual needs.  We hope you enjoy watching, learning and sharing the information presented with your families and friends.

We also wish to thank the Government of Canada for supporting this project.

Videos & Photos from 2013 ABCs of Active and Healthy Living for Disabled Adults Videos from 2014 ABCs of Active and Healthy Living for Disabled Adults

According to Mary Bart, Chair of Caregiving Matters: “We are pleased to produce a fun, educational, inclusive project specially for the disabled adults of King Township and surrounding areas that focuses on their health, wellness, increased mobility and independence. Our focus is on inclusion. We will leverage technologies to reach as many people as possible, have Sign Language Interrupters at our workshops and offer free wheelchair bus service for workshops participants. We are excited and honoured to produce this inclusive project benefiting our community.”



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