Caregiver burnout, caregiver health, protecting yourself as a caregiver, substance abuse awareness, caring for the dying. Pretty heavy topics, right?

These realities are part of being a family caregiver.

Caregiving Matter’s Passport to Wellness for Family Caregivers was a two part workshop series.

Part 1, on Sunday, October 21, 2012, focused on safety and education for caregivers.
Part 2, on Sunday, March 3, 2013, taught caregivers to exercise, relax, and create healthy meals.

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Did you miss the events?
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PART ONE: Caregiver Wellness

Download Introductory Notes

Caregiver Burn Out: Caring and Not Collapsing
Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Editor, Chair of Canada Cares

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How to Protect Yourself
Joan McDonald RN, CareConnect & The Care Guide

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Caring for the Dying
Dr. Natasha Zajc MD, CCFP, ABHPM, Chair – PalCare Network for York Region

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Substance Abuse Awareness
Victoria Andriets B.Sc Phm. R. Ph, Owner/Pharmacist, Shoppers Drug Mart, King City

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Sunday March 3, 2013
PART TWO: Healthy Caregivers

As part of our program to help caregivers, we asked them to put on comfy shoes and come be active!

Body Balance
Jane Brooks, Group Fitness Instructor

Deanna Paolantonia, Group Fitness Instructor

Hatha Yoga
Jane Brooks, Group Fitness Instructor

Healthy Eating
Lucy Francescutto, a Holistic Nutritionist and Group Fitness Instructor


Government of Ontario

The support of the Government of Ontario is acknowledged.
Project partners include:  The Township of King, Kingcrafts Arts Guild, Shoppers Drug Mart – King City, The Palcare Network of York Region, Caregiver Solutions, The Care Guide and CareConnect.

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