As a senior, how smart are you about your safety? Do you think about ways to improve your safety? Being mindful of how safely you live has direct impacts on your health, happiness, independence and your dignity.

With great thanks and appreciation to the Government of Ontario, we are honoured and excited to present a series of digital events dedicated to a variety of ways to improve your safety. Our events are fun, engaging and a great way to connect with others.

Here are the taped digital events we have already produced for this project:

1. Being mindful of safety with Eleanor Silverberg of Jade Self Development Coaching

2. Safety Technologies with Mary Bart of Caregiving Matters

3. Fall prevention with Linda Ind of CHATS

4. Staying Safe at Home with Mary Bart of Caregiving Matters

5. Elder abuse prevention – being safe from elder abuses – with Sergeant Tanya Tremble, OPP

6. Safe while out in the community with Sergeant Kerry Schmidt of Highway Safety Division, OPP

7. Hoarding & Decluttering with Mary Bart of Caregiving Matters

8. Safe exercising with Anne Klausner

9. Cyber safety with Carol Gilmore of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

10. Home safety solutions for people with dementia with Mary Bart of Caregiving Matters

Meet our experts!

Mary BartMary Bart of Caregiving Matters

I am founder & continue to chair our registered Canadian charity called Caregiving Matters. Established in 2008, we are an Internet-based charity offering education & support to family caregivers.

As my parents’ principal caregiver for ten years, I have first-hand experience in helping aging parents, dealing with family dynamics, protecting parents from elder abuse & working with public & private organizations. My Dad died of cancer in 2005, my Mom died of Alzheimer’s in 2008.

As a family caregiver, there were many days when I was honoured to do what I did & many days when I went out of my mind. I was also their attorney & executor and know how difficult those jobs can be. Before being my parents’ caregiver, I worked in the computer industry for 18 years in various sales & marketing roles. 10 years were with Microsoft.

Since 2010, I have also been a regular contributor to a quarterly Canadian magazine called Caregiver Solutions.

Today my life is full & I work on things that matter to many.

Carol Gilmore of CAFC’s Senior Support Unit

The CAFC is Canada’s central repository for information about fraud. We help citizens and businesses:

  • report fraud;
  • learn about different types of fraud;
  • recognize the warning signs of fraud;
  • protect themselves from fraud.

The CAFC does not conduct investigations but provides valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies by identifying connections all over the world. Our goals include:

  • disrupting crime;
  • strengthening the partnership between the private and public sectors;
  • maintaining Canada’s economy.

The CAFC is jointly managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Competition Bureau, and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Eleanor Silverberg of Jade Self Development Coaching

As the founder of Jade Self Development Coaching, Eleanor Silverberg’s intention is to empower you to self monitor with self awareness, strengthen resiliency to cope through your unique circumstances of adversity and situational loss, applying the 3-A Coping Framework she developed. Her specialty is assisting caregivers of family members living with Alzheimer’s, a related dementia or other serious ongoing condition. Eleanor conducts sessions for individuals and families as well as groups in webinars/workshops. Her 3-A Coping Framework is also featured in her books “Caregiving with Strength” and “Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity”.

Eleanor’s skill as a grief expert extends beyond just addressing death circumstances, acknowledging that wherever there is struggle and adversity, there is loss. In addition to grief strategies, she has expertise in and utilizes a number of therapeutic methods including mindfulness and cognitive reframing in order to address whatever circumstance is presented. She displays her mindfulness skill in her book “Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia”, based on a 12-week pilot group she facilitated for adults in moderate stage dementia. Eleanor holds a BA in Psychology, Master of Social Work, Certification in Bereavement Education, extensive training and practice in Mindfulness and over 20 years of Independent Study in the Field of Grief Studies.

To learn more or arrange a half hour complimentary telephone coaching, visit or call 647.624.5677.

OPP Sergeant Tanya Tremble

Tanya Tremble is a Detective Sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Tanya has worked for the OPP for 23 years. She is currently the Abuse Issues Coordinator for Central Region OPP. Her job involves various investigations involving; domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking and mental health. She also works closely with external partners in an effort to support victims of crime. Tanya has a degree from Carleton University in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She is currently completing her Masters of Public Safety – Counter Crime through Laurier University.


Anne Klausner, Exercise with Care

Anne Klausner  is  passionate about changing the way we think about chronic pain and health.

Over twenty years of Experience in health care, knowledge of the neurology of movement and  pain. and a passion for helping people are the pillars of Exercise with Care.  Anne is an advocate to change how those with chronic pain are treated.  No one should be told that pain is “normal” or to “get used to it”.

As an Exercise Therapist,  Anne creates programs tailored to each individual.  Past injuries, surgeries and life experiences all affect the way you move today. Improving your Brain-Body Loop ensures that your brain is receiving accurate information from your body, the key to pain free life.

In 2016, Anne Klausner founded Exercise with Care in order to spread her vision of health and well being in the community. Programs include daily drills to keep you progressing towards your goals. After all, exercise is about feeling better every day, not just on “gym days”

Exercise Therapy – Discover the Source of Your Pain

Anne  studied hydrotherapy at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She supplemented these studies at Wingate Institute of Physical Education and the Mind-Body Center also in Israel, training in osteopathic and rehabilitation therapy methods.  She went on to gain invaluable experience working at the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital with patients of all ages who had suffered traumatic injuries or had chronic syndromes

Since moving to Canada, Anne has continued her education with Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC , studying the neurology of movement.

Phone : (416)414-7276

Email :


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