So Far Away

I live far away from my parents. My sister does most of the care giving for them. How can I help?


Hi Steve:

Being physically distant can be very hard to know what to do to help. I offer you two answers, one is friendly and one is tough.

My Friendly Answer:

  • Focus on your sister – she is the one you can help the most
  • Be part of your sister’s “Circle of Care”
  • Don’t argue with her
  • Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Don’t underestimate the stresses of the situations that occur on a daily bases
  • Trust her
  • Trust what she is say and doing
  • Find others who can help out and give your sister a break, before she breaks
  • Thank your sister for all she does for the family – thank her every time you talk with her

My Tough Answer – All of the above PLUS:

  • Get home more often
  • Get extra money to either travel back more often or to help hire extra support services
  • Excuses are not forgotten
  • Your sister lives through all daily issues. You hear about a few. Big difference.
  • Your family really needs a second pair of hands – yours, not a second set of ears
  • Daughters are not the best & only caregivers – you just need practice. Get some practice

Are you still reading? Decide which answer serves you and your family the best!

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