A helping hand

I retired to become my mother’s primary caregiver. After five years, when she lost her battle with cancer, it was a difficult period. I was grieving for my mother, while also deciding what to do with all the spare time I now had. I felt completely lost.

One afternoon while I was walking back from the store, I noticed a sign at the local community centre asking for volunteers to help with a “senior’s lunch” on Wednesdays. Servers were needed to take food to the seniors and their caregivers during the meal. I thought I’d try it, so I signed up to help.

I started the next Wednesday by helping to serve a roast beef dinner to more than 50 seniors and their caregivers. It was busy, but by the end of the afternoon I felt happier than I had in months. I’m 73 now and yesterday was my 10th anniversary as a volunteer. We celebrated by having someone else bring me my cake.

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