A wicked sense of humour

My granny and I were very close. I loved how her feisty attitude and quick wit made everything fun. During her visits, she read to me making different voices for all the characters and even acting out their parts. My favourite book was about a jolly witch who helped people. I told granny she would make the best witch.

When I was eight, my granny was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and came to live with my family. I was happy to see her every day, but I didn’t understand why she couldn’t read to me anymore or why she sometimes forgot who I was. One memorable evening she complained about eating her peas. Mom suggested she tried eating only a spoonful. As soon as my mom’s back was turned, granny took her spoonful of peas and purposely dumped them into a nearby plant. She winked at me, saying, “I am the best witch because I can make peas disappear!” Now, whenever I don’t want to eat my veggies I just smile and think of her.

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