ABCs of Active and Healthy Living for Disabled Rural Adults – 2014

We have completed the second phase of this two year ABCs of Active and Healthy Living for Disabled Rural Adults project. In July 2014, we conducted 5 workshops that featured live webinars and the production of website videos that focused on educating rural disabled adults about the importance of being as active and healthy as possible. Each presentation also included the benefits of having a Sign Language Interpreter. Workshops topics varied from incontinence management and foot care to gardening, living on a farm, and home modifications to keep seniors and those with disabilities living safely at home.

Our audience enthusiastically participated in each workshop and enjoyed the opportunity to remain valued and included in society.

Special thanks goes to the Canadian Government for funding this project. We hope that you enjoy the videos from our July workshop.

Kathleen Gorsline, Lake Simcoe South Master Gardeners – Gardening for Everyone

Kathleen Gorsline discusses gardening on any scale, and how to adapt gardening for all levels of ability and mobility.

Jackie Hickey, Bayshore Health Care – Foot Care

Jackie Hickey of Bayshore Health Care discusses the importance of foot care and foot health awareness.

Bohdan Klufas, Premier Mobility – Home Safety

Bohdan Klufas of Premier Mobility discusses home modifications to make a home safe for seniors and others with restricted mobility, as well as government funding that can assist keeping people in their homes.

Nehal Patel, AgeComfort

Nehal Patel of AgeComfort discusses adult incontinence and products to assist with managing this issue. 10% off the population experiences some level of incontinence and the right products can ensure an active, comfortable life.

Valerie Rowley, Apple  Ridge Farm

Valerie Rowley of Apple Ridge Farm discusses being a healthy, active senior in a rural setting.

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