ABCs of Golf for Women Caregivers Project Part 3

Care Giving Matters - June 23 -15June 23, 2014 marked the date for our third golfing event for women caregivers, as part of our “ABC’s of Golf for Women Caregivers Project.” This year we are at Carrying Place Golf and Country Club in King Township to host two evenings to encourage women caregivers to come out and enjoy recreational evenings of golf. We also have videos of the Carrying Place Golf Professionals conducting clinics on our website. These videos are intended to help encourage more people to learn and continue to golf.

68 ladies enjoyed golf clinics hosted by the Golf Pros, 9 holes of recreational golf and dinner. After dinner, many ladies shared their caregiving stories and were given amazing gifts as part of our “Caregiver Heroes Program.” Despite a bit of rain at the beginning, everyone had a great time. It was especially rewarding to see and meet many ladies who had only golfed once or twice before. We expect an equally great turnout for our next event at Carrying Place on September 15th . Click here for details and registration information.

Please take a look at the picture gallery, many happy faces, and many physically active women! We wish to thank the Ontario Government for support with this project.

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