AMANDA’S STORY: A family affair

Although one of my aunts does not have Alzheimer disease, my mother, aunt, grandmother and all of her brothers and sisters suffered from early onset Alzheimer. My mother is the only survivor. Only in her early 40s, she is now in a home. I got tested to see if I have the same gene as my mother.

This in turn would tell me if I will get the disease in my 30s. My brother has chosen not to get tested. I do have the gene! And now my four-year-old son has a 50 per cent chance of getting it. I find it very hard to get through a day without wondering what will happen to my family. I think that everyone handles Alzheimer in their own way, which is what makes us all individuals.

If I handle one problem one way and it does not work, maybe someone who is having the same problem could help me and others. One thing I know for certain is that the more I talk about Alzheimer disease, the less I fear it.

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