Annie’s Story: Coming out of her shell

A resident at The Village of Erin Meadows has made a significant improvement since coming to long- term care a few years ago. Annie arrived at the home as a quiet woman who kept to herself and didn’t participate in any of the activities. After seeing the high quality of life enjoyed by fellow residents, she slowly became more active. She began participating in activities and making new acquaintances.

Annie’s daughter, Marlene Wilson, applauds the work of the staff for the positive impact their efforts have had on her mother. “They helped her so much to build her self-esteem,” she says. “The nursing care there has been exceptional. She’s made a real turn- around.”

Not only can long-term care help to improve the emotional wellbeing of residents, in some cases it picks up where acute health leaves off. “The family is so happy because they say they’ve found their mom again after so many years,” says General Manager, Agarwal.

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