Appointing multiple people: Benefits and Pitfalls

Lisa Feldstein picturePodcast Transcript – Lisa Feldstein

Lisa practices “Family Health Law” in Ontario. During our conversation she discusses some of the answers that she offers her clients about who to appoint to act on their behalf if they should become incapacitated. Her comments are insightful and important.

Included in our conversation are the following topics:

  • When a lawyer is drafting up POA documents, why might you want to have more than one than one person named?
  • What are the risks of appointing more than one person?
  • What happens if there is more than one person appointed and they do not agree with each other?
  • What flexibility is there after a POA is signed to increase the number of people responsible? For example, what can a person do if they feel they should have been appointed? Or if you are appointed, can you bring on other person to also be responsible?
  • How can some of the risks of multiple people being appointed be mitigated?

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