The first year that mom and dad decided to do the snowbird thing and spend the winters in Florida, they loved everything about it-except for being away from family. Mom, being such a chatter-box, spent hours making long-distance calls to me and my four sisters, spending hundreds of dollars a month on her telephone bill. My dad, a huge basketball fan, was also missing news of how the Raptors were performing. 

Linking the family

I suggested they join the modern world and go on-line. At first, they were a bit intimidated by the thought, since they had never used a computer before. They were both quick learners and it wasn’t long before they got the hang of it and they were hooked. Now they can’t live without it. My sisters and I live in different parts of the country and Mom keeps in touch with all of us by e-mail, while dad surfs the web to stay up-to-date on his friends, Toronto news and sports scores. 

Having a computer has made such a difference for all of us. Now we are in touch more and it costs us less! 

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