Call Your Mother!

It is Mother’s Day this weekend and once again I have to remind my husband to call his mother. Honestly, this happens every year. Without me reminding him, I swear he would never call her. Why do I have to do this? What should I do?


Hi Judy:


-Stop telling him what to do.

-Stop reminding him.

-Stop treating him like a child.

-Stop thinking that it is part of your role as a wife.

I am always amazed why most women volunteer to take on this role to remind the men in their lives to contact their mothers.

Why do women accept the job to manage other people’s relationships and responsibilities? Free yourself from this silly, self-imposed female role.

If he does not call, send flowers or a card than he can deal with the consequences for his actions. When his mother comments that she was very hurt to have received not even a phone call from her dear son, than all you have to say is: “I am sure you were quite hurt, you need to talk with your son about why he did nothing for you.”

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