Caregiver Heroes

Art, Kerri and Kelly
Art, Kerri and Kelly

Kerri proudly and lovingly cares for her grandfather, Art.   Her dedication to ensure his well-being is her full time job.  She takes her responsibilities so seriously that she decided to move into her grandfather’s home in October 2011 to really be able to care for him.   Kerri thought it better to keep him in his own home, so she re-arranged her life for him.  Prior to Kerri moving in with her grandfather, Art’s health was rapidly declining and he was only expected to live a month or so.

Our volunteer had a wonderful visit with Kerri, Art and Kelly (Kerri’s Mother).  Kerri’s love and commitment to her grandfather were clearly obvious.  Part of Kerri’s daily tasks include preparing his meals, general household duties and mostly just being there when Art would like a cup of tea, a chat or even just a bacon sandwich.  Kelly is very thankful to her daughter to be able to take care of her dad so well.  Kelly lives quite a distance away so visiting is often difficult and requires significant planning.

As Kelly said:  “I am so thankful that Kerri is here.  I know that my Dad is in good hands, that’s all I care about”.

Art is indeed a lucky man to have such a wonderful, loving granddaughter!

To honour and thank Kerri for being a “Caregiver Hero”, we gave her a wool rug and a few toys for her son.

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  1. Very proud of my beautiful daughter. She is doing an exceptional job of caring for her “gramps”. Well done my dear. Love you to the moon and back.