Caregiver Heroes

Life can change in a blink.

A couple of years ago, Liz was the mother of a wonderful 2 year old boy and looking forward to the birth of their second child when suddenly her husband had a severe stroke.

While he was being rushed to the hospital, she went into labour.  She was giving birth on one floor of the hospital while her husband was on another floor being admitted.  Her family went back and forth from the two floors for days, checking on all of them.

Today Liz is a full time caregiver to her husband, who suffered a life-changing stroke.  Today, she manages a busy household with their two wonderful, active and adorable young children.  She helps her husband every day and is his full time caregiver.

Liz gives everything to her family and does a great job of taking care of them all.  We are honoured to include Liz as one of our “Caregiver Heroes.”  What an incredible woman.

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