Caregiver Heroes

Sam has nominated his sister Mara as a Caregiver Hero.  Here is what he told us about her.


My sister was the primary caregiver for our sister Rose and also helped with our mother.  As a family caregiver, here’s some of the tasks she performed:

-Mara visited Rose in the hospital every day at lunch and again in the evenings.  With traffic, it often took more than an hour to drive each way to go from either work/home to the hospital.

-Prepared many meals for our mother throughout the week

-Helped with cleaning/running of the house

-Ran errands (e.g., picked-up meds, grocery shopping)

-Made sure they were taking their meds

-Set up and accompanied them – actually drove them – to doctor appointments

-Spent all day on Sat/Sun at Rose’s bedside at the hospitals

-Helped literally with anything they needed


In general, anything our mother or our sister Rose needed/wanted, Mara would do for them.


Thank you Sam for telling us about Mara, we agree with you, she is truly a “Caregiver Hero”.


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