Caregiver Heroes

Care Giving Matters - June 23 -113When I was 24, living in Toronto on my own, my sister-in-law, Robyn called me in distress. She had had my niece 2 days before in Hamilton. When Ashley was born, she was also in physical distress and had been moved to McMaster the first night but McMaster couldn’t care for Ashley. She had a significant heart defect and was air ambulanced to Toronto. Robyn needed to leave my nephew in Hamilton and rush to Toronto. She herself had only had 2 hours of care after birth and no sleep for 48 hours and she needed a place to stay and an advocate as my brother was estranged to her and she was alone making difficult decisions. Ashley lived for 5 more days. It was incredibly difficult for Robyn who wanted to care for her daughter and could not care for herself.

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