Caregiver Heroes
Carol and Al

Left to right: Caregiver Hero Carol, Caregiver Hero Al, Audrey Miller of Elder Caring Inc.

Meet Carol and Al: this married couple are both caregiving heroes.

They left their own home and town and moved into the home of Carol’s parents to care for them.  Carol’s dad had a very serious bicycle accident that left him unable to care for himself, his wife with Dementia or even manage their home.  Caregiving to Carol’s parents became a full time, multi-year mission for both her and her husband Al.

Al even took a leave of absence from his work to be there for them.  How many son-in-laws would do that?

Sadly, Carol’s dad died recently and Carol’s mom’s health continues to decline.   Carol’s commitment to care for her mother continues while Al has returned to work full time.  Carol and Al did not give a second thought to “putting their own lives on hold” to take care of Carol’s parents.

As Carol told us, “when you love somebody, who just do everything possible to take care of them”.

On our visit to the home of Carol’s parents, we enjoyed hearing about their stories and they were excited to select their gifts.  It was decided that since both Carol and Al were both Caregiving Heroes they should each have a gift. Both of them selected a new area rug.

Special thanks to Audrey Miller of Elder Caring Inc. (; 416 58-8887) for introducing us to Carol and Al with whom she worked for many years. When Audrey learned of our “Caregiving Heroes” program, she instantly contacted me to share incredible stories of the dedication, love and commitment shown by Carol and Al.

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