Caregiver Heroes

Jacqueline is on the right and her mother Mary is seated.

Jacqueline S. is my god mother, aunt and very much a hero. Although, she’s so much more than that. She’s an amazing caregiver to my grandmother, an awesome mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to so many. She always goes above and beyond and she’s so selfless. She’s been my grandmother’s caregiver for a very long time and asks nothing in return. She puts everyone before herself no matter the situation. She deserves all the praise in the world. She’s so dedicated to everyone and this year has been especially difficult and I don’t know how our family would have made it through it without her. My grandmother (her mother) was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Although, the last handful of years she’s broke her hip and underwent a full hip replacement. She was also diagnosed with copd and many health concerns. This year she’s underwent numerous procedures, tests, treatments and even a double mastectomy. Shortly after her mastectomy she was also hospitalized with COVID as well. With such a low immune system it impacted her greatly. With all of this on her shoulders Jacqueline still put everything aside to make sure everyone and especially my grandmother had everything she needed. She’s so strong and she’s very much a super hero in my book. She even took time off work for every appointment and every step. Even when other members of the family had a hard time she again put herself aside to do everything in her power to be there. She’s really an angel. I’m not sure we would all be able to have another holiday together this year, celebrate birthdays or have our family all here without her. She’s committed to our family more than I can express in words. Which is why I believe she deserves recognized for it. Although she would never ask for any type of recognition or praise for her actions; she certainly deserves all the praise and recognition in the world.


Thank You

Alyssa G.

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