Caregiver Heroes

DSCN1625Three of our volunteers recently had a great visit with our newest Caregiver Hero – Josie.

For years, Josie has and continues to volunteer to help care for a retired priest in her area.  She helps him every day by running errands for him, driving him to appointments and keeping him company.

Her dedication and passion to care for him are clearly visible.  In conversation with her, it was decided that we would bring her two gifts.  The first is a beautiful white chair for her living room and a new blender for her kitchen.  Josie thinks that the blender will be a big hit with her son.  Her cat can hardly wait to have a sleep on this new chair!

Special thanks to our volunteer Vince, for carrying this very big and heavy chair into Josie’s home.  We hope that everyone will enjoy their gifts and remember how appreciative we are for her caregiving efforts.  As Josie said:  “This is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time – how lucky am I”.

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