Caregiver Heroes

Alex, Zara & Willow

Willow was nominated by her Mother Zara. Here is what Zara shared with us about her daughter:

Willow is 7 years old (8 in October) and she is a tremendous help to our household. You see, Willow has 2 younger brothers with Autism ages 5 and 3. We have been living with autism for almost 4 years now and Willow has been an amazing big sister. She does so many things without even knowing how much help she is really providing. She helps to teach her brothers new words, social skills, imaginative play, she keeps an “eye” on them to make sure they are safe. But most of all she is just there when they need her most. My sons are truly lucky to have a sister like her and I am truly blessed to have her as my daughter.

We had a delightful visit with Willow and her family. Willow was thrilled to receive her new “very fancy pink bed skirt” and enjoyed wrapping herself in her “very pink new bedding”. Zara liked the idea of a new rug for everyone to enjoy. Alex received a storage container for toys. Zacc was having an afternoon nap during our visit, but we left a new wood toy car for him.

Thanks Zara for nominating Willow. She is indeed a “Caregiver Hero”.

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