Caring for the Caregiver: Abundance is Our Birthright.

Dr. Phyllis Quinlan
Dr. Phyllis Quinlan

Lessons Learned from the ancient book of wisdom; The Toa Te Ching: Verse Four

The Tao is empty when utilized; it is not filled up
So deep! It seems to be the source of all things

It blunts the sharpness, unravels the knots
Dims the glare, mixes the dusts. So indistinct! It seems to exist
I do not know whose offspring it is
Its image is the predecessor of the Emperor


Lao Tzu


The Tao is the source of all things. It cannot be used up. It can never be emptied. It continuously replenishes itself. It is ageless, limitless and never ending. It is that which connects us each to one another. It is a constant source of grace and unconditional love.  The true nature of the Tao is incomprehensible.  This is why it is so difficult for us to grasp that abundance is our birthright.

The only limits placed upon us are the ones we self-impose. All we need to do to access the possibilities of the Tao is ask. Not just ask for our share; but ask for all we desire. We’ve been so conditioned by society’s laws of right and wrong and social etiquette to believe that asking for it all is inappropriate, greedy and rude. That is man’s notion not the Tao’s.

The first time you do this will be a bit scary. You will probably be waiting for a reprimand or bad luck to follow. As you slowly begin to manifest all that you believe you need or have been dreaming of; you will begin to exhale and trust. The adventure lies in noticing how the things you’ve wanted appear in your life.

The Tao is not Aladdin’s lamp. It’s not something magical. It is the intelligence that guides us through our life lessons so that we can grow spiritually and ascend to a higher level of being. All things are possible through the Tao. You do not have to understand how they are possible. All that is required is acknowledgment of your birthright, faith and the courage to walk your path as it unfolds.

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