CARL’S STORY: Be strong and fight

<p>For many decades, I served thousands of Mississauga residents as their neighbourhood pharmacist at a small, independent pharmacy I opened in May 1952. Since my retirement, things have changed to say the least. I don’t remember when it happened.</p>
<p>I don’t know who this “Alzheimer guy” is or was. He may have fabricated something to terrorize fragile seniors. When you hear the word “Alzheimer” uttered by a friend, relative or doctor, you become fearful. But I am writing this to tell you that you shouldn’t and mustn’t be afraid. You should not think that way.</p>
<p>You should not believe that you are “alzheimerish.” Fight it! Think positively and be assertive. Remember what you have done in the past and be proud. Think of the good times and good friends. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you do, you will succumb to this disease. I see friends that I have known for many years.</p>
<p>When they approach me and shake my hand or hug me, I smile and then say, “Sorry, I recognize and know you but I can’t remember your name.” I then get their name and write it in my book. Eventually, I will have all my friends’ names in my book. I don’t think that I am “alzheimerish.” I may have to think about it in the very near future.</p>
<p>Then again, if I fight it and think positively, maybe I can conquer this Alzheimer fellow. It would be a pleasure to laugh at him and say goodbye.</p>

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