Changes to Probate Rules.

Probate is a common term used when dealing with estates.  Do you understand it and how it may impact your estate or a loved one’s estate?   To help us learn more about Probate, we have a special guest expert who will speak to some common issues families should know when thinking about Probate.    Our guest expert is:

Léony deGraaf Hastings of DeGraaf Financial Strategies.

Léony is a Certified Financial Planner, Retirement & Estate Planning Specialist and an Elder Planning Counselor.

During our conversation we talk about:

  • What is Probate?
  • Does everyone’s estate need to be probated?
  • What changes came about with the new Probate rules implemented Jan 2015?
  • What are the probate fees and how are they calculated?
  • What are the steps an Executor needs to take in order to settle an Estate to completion?
  • What are some common strategies to avoid probate and do they work?
  • Any final tips for Executors?

We wish to thank Léony for joining our project and hope that our audience has learned from her and that they also reach out to her to discuss their own estate plans.

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