Concerned about my parents’ social life

My parents don’t go out anymore and I’m afraid that it’s not good for them. Should I be concerned?

We wish the best for our elderly parents and may feel that we are going to lose them if they don’t stay active. First of all, talk to your parents. Are they happy staying in the house? Are there any friendly visitors available from your community, perhaps related to a church or synagogue? Perhaps they would enjoy a five-minute call from someone daily, to check on their wellbeing and talk about current events. The elderly can become isolated easily. This may be a problem if the isolation isn’t by choice. Assisted-living residences have elderly day programs and seniors’ community centres are a hive of activity. People go to the location a few days a week to be with others of their own age. Some seniors like this outing, but others do not. Talking with or to people is the best pastime for our seniors. It can be done through friendly visitors, an adult day program or through regularly scheduled telephone calls.

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