Disability Tax Credits (DTC)

maureen burlesonMaureen Burleson helps us explore the complicated issues and reporting requirements of Disability Tax Credits.  Families need to know that credits may be available for loved ones with specific health issues. Through her many years of helping and guiding her clients, Maureen has learned what the government will approve and what they expect in terms of paperwork.  Her insights into this topic will be of great value to many Canadians.  During our conversation we talk about:

  1. What exactly is the disability tax credit and how do I know if I’m eligible to receive it?
  2. If I’m approved for the DTC what do I do next?
  3. What if I don’t need the DTC, can I transfer it to my spouse or someone else?
  4. What can I do if I’m not approved for the DTC?
  5. Is there any cost in applying for the DTC?

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