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Living with Dying

Written by Jahnna Beecham and Katie Orlip, this easy-to-use guide provides wisdom and tips on hospice care, having difficult conversations, navigating the emotional and spiritual journey of dying, and getting your loved one’s affairs in order. With additional information on symptom and pain management, the authors respectfully share ideas for facing the final hours and talking about death.



Holding the Net

In this timely memoir, Melanie P. Merriman shares her struggle to care for her fiercely independent mother after her father dies. Committed to making the rest of her mother’s life the best it can be, Melanie brings her experience as a hospice consultant to the situation—and she has a sister who is willing to help. But even with these advantages, Melanie finds the real-life experience of caring to be a challenge, with every decision becoming a tug of war.

Written for people who have cared for a parent, Holding the Net offers practical details about the effects of aging on the body and mind, living arrangements for older people, healthcare decisions and surviving rehab. Merriman hits all the right notes, and her story will have readers nodding their heads and shedding healing tears.



Rules for Aging

A rich source of amusement for anyone who is getting on a bit, Roger Rosenblatt offers genuinely good advice for those still young enough to learn. Writing with a wry sense of humour, his realistic, practical, pleasurable and, most importantly, painless advice is well worth hearing.



Disrupt Aging

This updated version of Disrupt Aging chronicles Jo Ann Jenkins’ mission to transform what it means to age. The book encourages readers to embrace the opportunities of aging, and change the way they and society look at getting older.



Unleash different

A personal story of one man’s quest to change the narrative of disability for all who want to understand the global disability market, this book is both insightful and easy to read. Author Rich Donovan beautifully highlights the value of investing in disability and how it makes good business sense.



Canadian Abilities Foundation

A 33-year-old organization with a history of advocating for inclusion and universal accessibility, the Canadian Abilities Foundation’s mandate is to publish Abilities magazine and promote its “new to Canada” worldwide map—STRUT.



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