Elder Care Takes a Village – Meet Silver Sherpa!

Karen HendersonAs you may know, I’m an expert in aging and long term care planning. If we wish to age on our own terms, with independence, dignity and control, planning in advance is absolutely necessary. That means becoming educated about home care, accommodation options, long term care facilities and palliative care—before you need them. That means doing the research to learn what services (and their costs) are available where you want to live out your life. That means understanding what the government will and will not pay for. That means having money set aside for your care needs, and having all your legal documents completed. And finally, that means looking after yourself physically, mentally and socially so you can stay out of the public health system for as long as possible!

The results of all this work?

  • You won’t be a burden to your family
  • You will have the resources to live out your life where you wish
  • You will preserve your independence and dignity
  • You will have peace of mind.

But over the 20+ years I have been working in this field, I have come to learn that planning is the first half of a more complex puzzle ….in spite of having the most complete plan possible, you cannot predict when or why a crisis or unexpected emergency may occur. The best laid plans often go awry.

For this reason I’m excited to introduce my new strategic alliance with Silver Sherpa Inc., whose services I have never encountered before. With its highly qualified team, Silver Sherpa helps the elderly manage lifestyle crises—at home, in hospital or in long term care facilities—caused by health issues, the loss of a partner, social isolation and other issues. There is no other organization in Canada offering this array of necessary services, which is also willing to work with their clients’ existing advisors to execute each elder’s plan.

So together the Long Term Care Planning Network and Silver Sherpa have created a unique entity—the village that aging and elder care need—to ensure that Canadians age as successfully as possible. I encourage you to check out their website at www.silversherpa.net and see everything they have to offer.

Silver Sherpa is offering a one-time opportunity – any referrals received over the next two months from this newsletter will receive an exclusive 15% discount! In addition, as a first step, Silver Sherpa offers a complimentary telephone consultation for those who may benefit from their services.

Contact me at khenderson@silversherpa.net to set up a consultation. Please forward this information to anyone you know who is struggling with eldercare issues or who is in crisis.


By Karen Henderson

Founder: Long Term Care Planning Network


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