Facilitated Family Conversations.

Brian Shumak

Guest expert:  Brian Shumak B.Sc., CLU, CFP, CHS, CFDS, TEP, EPC

With the amount of money being bequeathed to the next generations, planning has become imperative for everyone.  But planning has missed one large item as it has developed as an estate planning necessity – inter-generational communication.

Too often, a parent leaves a child something that the child really does not want while another child unbeknownst to the parent really wanted that something.

For the last eight years, Brian, has been facilitating family meetings to help all generations get through the transference of assets from one generation to the next.  Although only working as a facilitator for the past eight years, Brian has been doing this informally since he started in the financial world in 1990 following in a family history in the financial world that dates back to the early 1950`s.

After hearing renowned speaker, Tom Deans (author of “Every Family’s Business and other planning books), Brian realized that there was a void between generations that was not being addressed. Brian skillfully fills that void by working with clients of all ages helping them plan their legacies.

To help us better understand the value of a third party facilitator, Brian shares some of his experience and wisdom with our audience.

Included in our conversation, we talked about:

  • Who needs a Family Conversation Facilitator?
  • What topics are discussed in a Family Conversation?
  • What is the process involved in a Family Conversation?
  • Examples of family problems that Brian has seen and was able to help resolve

We wish to thank Brian for joining our project and we encourage you to listen to this podcast and contact Brian directly to see how he can help you with with your financial plans.

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