GILLIAN’S STORY: Our little lifesaver

One summer quite a few years ago, my husband and I went on vacation to Cuba for two weeks. We left our three kids, Josh, Lauren and Alex, aged eight, six, and four, with my mother, Grandma Lily, who was in good health and always loved to look after her grandkids.

In the middle of our first week, we received an urgent phone call from the hospital: my mother had suffered a heart attack!

It turned out that Josh had come into the kitchen for a snack and found his Grandma on the floor, clutching at her heart. Fortunately, he remembered to call 9-1-1 immediately, as he had been taught to do in an emergency.

We cut our trip short and rushed home to be with mom. The doctors told us that if Josh hadn’t called 9-1-1 right away, Grandma Lily might have died. It really is marvellous what kids can do!

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