How much coffee is too much? The relationship between coffee and Alzheimer’s risk

Many of us reach for a cup of coffee to get us going in the mornings, although it may be time to consider finding another warm drink: Brett Arends, writer for MarketWatch, reports on a recent study finding that high coffee consumption is associated with reduced brain volume and a greater risk of dementia. Previous research has linked caffeine consumption to reduced brain volume; together, these findings suggest a concerning relationship between coffee and brain health. However, abandoning coffee altogether may not be necessary. Lifelong caffeine consumption is associated with a reduced risk of developing stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to prevention of cognitive decline. So what does this seemingly conflicting evidence suggest? Drinking coffee in moderation, perhaps up to one or two cups a day, may be fine. Drinking coffee in excess, however, may pose a risk for brain health. If you’re big on coffee, no reason to panic – but maybe pay attention to how much you are consuming. To learn more about this recent study, how it fits in with previous research, and why establishing a definite connection between coffee and Alzheimer’s disease is difficult, head over to MarketWatch:

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