How often do we need a personal support worker?

I’ll be taking care of mom’s bills and care from here on in. How often do you suggest we pay for a personal support worker and how much?

How often you have a personal support worker with your mom depends on her health. If she requires a lot of assistance, including bathing and meal prep, and she lives alone, she’ll require more assistance. If she just requires light housekeeping and/or some companionship, it’s a different story.

Check with the provincial home care body to determine if she is eligible for government funding for some hours of care. If you want additional hours, you or she will be expected to pay privately. Pay scale range from $14 to $16 per hour for a private support worker to $20 to $25 per hour for someone from an accredited agency. Most agencies will do a free in-home assessment to assist you in determining your mother’s needs and will help put together a care plan.

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