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I don’t have time for this.


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Katherine ArnupRetired Carleton University Professor Katherine Arnup joins our project to talk about the importance for families to have conversations about POA issues. She has also recently written a book called:

I don’t have time for this. A guide to caring for your parents and yourself.

Through our conversation she shares her thoughts on preparing and actually having these important POA conversations. Please take the time to listen to our podcast. Her practical insightful comments will help be a “Call to action” for families to prepare and conduct these important families meeting.

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About Katherine Arnup


I love working with people at major transition points in their lives. Through my teaching, my volunteer work at a residential care hospice, and my coaching, I have the privilege of accompanying people as they face and embrace the challenges of change.

Transitions can be terrifying (I’m famous for proclaiming loudly that “I hate change!”) as we face the uncertainty that lies ahead. Yet, they are also the places of possibility and promise – and the times that we know we are fully alive!


Life Changes Coaching

March 2011 – Present (4 years 7 months)|Ottawa, Canada Area and via telephone

I love working with people at a crossroads in their lives – a place of change, challenge, and sometimes fear and a sense of being stuck. Whether it’s leaving home to attend university or making a career change, becoming a mother or experiencing the loss of a loved one, going through a separation or contemplating retirement, I am in your corner, supporting and championing you as you face the challenges and transitions of life.

Hospice Volunteer

Residential Hospice

November 2001 – Present (13 years 11 months)|Ottawa, Canada

I provide personal, emotional, and physical care and support for patients and their families at a residential care hospice that provides end of life care. I have assisted in training and mentoring volunteers.


November 1954 – Present (60 years 11 months)|Canada, Provincetown

I have been writing since I was able to hold a pencil. I have written poems, plays, short stories, a novella, essays, articles, books, and blog posts.

My latest book is entitled “I don’t have time for this! A compassionate guide to caring for your parents and yourself.” The book is written for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s as they support and care for their elderly parents.

I recently completed a major research paper on death, dying and Canadian families. I am also working on a book on my experiences with death and dying in my family and in hospice care. I love to share my writing with audiences, great and small.

Associate Professor (Retired)

Carleton University

July 1992 – June 2013 (21 years)|Ottawa, Canada

I taught Canadian social history and interdisciplinary studies at the university level for 26 years. I held several administrative positions including Director of Women’s Studies (1997-2000) and of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (2003-6). I taught a First Year Seminar called Contemporary Controversies in Canadian Society for a decade. I love teaching and mentoring first year students!


Elementary School Teacher

Toronto and Brant County Boards of Education

September 1976 – June 1980 (3 years 10 months)|Toronto and St. George, Ontario

I taught grades one and two at Blake Street Public School and St. George’s School.

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