The importance of communication when dealing with Wills.

Timothy N. Sullivan, principal with SullivanLaw joins our project to do a podcast about the importance of communication when dealing with Wills.

During our conversation, we covered a variety of topics including these questions:

  1. What is one of the biggest issues some face when a family member dies?
  2. Why is communication so important and how do you ensure better communication?
  3. What should people preparing their Wills know about executors?
  4. What kinds of conversations should you have with your family about your Will and your estate?
  5. How does all of this affect blended families?
  6. How can a lawyer help with communications?


We wish to thank Timothy for joining our project and trust that you not only learn from him but we encourage our audience to either contact Timothy directly or a lawyer or an Estate Advisor in your own local community to discuss your estate plans and issues.

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