In Denial with Diabetes

My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year, yet he still insists on eating ice cream, cake and other sugary treats every day. What can I do to get him to take his diabetes seriously?

The biggest concern for people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes is whether they will have the motivation to change their lifestyle. Education and encouragement are two key issues. Has your husband been to see a dietitian who can assist him in determining what he can/cannot eat? Is he checking his blood sugar on a regular basis to see the increase after eating sugary treats? Is he motivated to exercise? Is he taking his medication correctly?

Even if he has seen a dietitian, it might be helpful to go for a follow-up visit. Sometimes, being denied something makes you want it even more, so maybe set a limit. Instead of having the sugary treats every day, save them for once a week to start. If your husband knows that he will be able to occasionally have an ice cream, for example, he may not want it as much all the time. Change takes a lot of energy and willpower and needs to be worked on every day. You can help by maintaining a healthy lifestyle yourself, cooking healthy foods, exercising and limiting the amount of candy in the home.

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