Introducing the SpaLet: The latest in comfort, safety, convenience and independence for personal care

As we age, we get to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life: more time in the garden, milestones like precious grandchildren, and post-retirement wanderlust. However, senior years also bring us many challenges, such as vision or hearing loss and mobility issues. Even something as simple as going to the bathroom can become a chore or a physical risk for slips and falls. Now new products like the American Standard SpaLet® collection make staying home a whole lot safer and more comfortable.


The bidet of today

A common household item in many countries, with the exception of North America, the bidet dates back to the 17th century. The benefits of bidet use, particularly for those of us with mobility and personal care concerns, is worth a closer look.

  • Bidets are designed to provide a ‘wet wash,’ and an easier, superior clean.
    • Offer more personal freedom and autonomy to those with physical limitations who require help to wipe.
  • More hygienic. Using toilet paper can spread germs and cause irritation.
  • Bidets can bring added comfort and relief to those living with incontinence, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Bidets help reduce awkward moments, difficult twists and turns, and provide caregiver support.


Innovation for grown-ups

The bidet has evolved substantially over the years and is now very much part of the tech-savvy world we live in. For example, American Standard, a pioneer in bathroom products, recently launched the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet® Toilet; a contemporary-designed toilet with an integrated bidet, soothing warm-water cleanse, automatic flush settings, and open/close lid and seat—all at the touch of a button.

American Standard’s Advanced Clean 3.0 SpaLet® and AquaWash 2.0 SpaLet® seats provide the same hygiene benefits and ease of a bidet, but in the form of a one-push removable seat designed to fit most conventional elongated toilets. Features include instant water pressure settings and heated seat functions, plus a soft glow nightlight – ideal for those late-night trips to the bathroom. Operated by remote control or easy side panel, both bidet seats offer a personalized washing experience for independent front and back cleansing.


Personal care made easier

The SpaLet® seat is an easy upgrade that can provide welcomed independence to those using it and increased convenience for both family and professional carers. A win-win situation, indeed.


The Benefits of Bidets

Beyond comfort and convenience, here are some other advantages.

1 Saving Money – The average toilet paper roll costs approximately $5.00 per package of 4 rolls. Bidet use can reduce the amount of toilet paper needed by 75%.

2 Saves Your Pipes! – Using little-to-no toilet paper reduces strain on toilets, pipes and septic sewage systems.

2 Real Estate Value – A state-of-the-art Japanese style bidet is certainly an added attraction for homebuyers.

4 Saving Trees – We flush 27,000 trees worth per day just in toilet paper alone. For more information, visit:


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