Introducing a new website section “Living Legacies & Legends”

Living Legacies & Legends

“Living Legacies & Legends” is a new feature of our website dedicated to the inspirational stories of living seniors as told by seniors themselves or by those closest to them, be they families, friends or neighbours.

In the spirit of honouring our parents, we invite everyone to celebrate the lives of our seniors by placing their stories and pictures on our website at no cost. This section has been designed as a multi-media forum that allows people to submit videotaped interviews via YouTube or contribute traditional text-based content and photographs.

For those fortunate enough to have parents, grandparents or other elderly relatives and friends still living, we offer a unique and lasting way to honour and celebrate their lives today. Personal reflections by real people whose experiences have spanned decades can enrich, comfort and inspire us in our own lives. Take advantage of this opportunity to listen, learn, and share!

“Losing Our Parents” is an Internet-based charity that offers free support and education to people who are coping with the declining health or death of a parent.

We are excited to introduce this free forum in which anyone can capture and create lasting memories on behalf of our “living legends”.

Ideal Contributors:

· Those who like to write, take pictures, make videos

· Those who enjoy sharing their own story, or those who enjoy interviewing people to share their stories

· Seniors, sons and daughters with a desire to honour their parents, grandparents or other senior family members and friends

Writers will be encouraged to post their stories on our website.

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