JOSEPHINE’S STORY: Caring so much

After her diagnosis of dementia, Josephine couldn’t live alone anymore. David, her eldest son, did research to find a few nursing homes close to his own house. “My mother likes to have family around her all the time,” explains David. “As my siblings and I grew up and raised our own families, mom always said that it didn’t matter where we lived as long as she got to see us.”

After visiting several homes in the area, David found the right fit. Thankfully, Josephine didn’t have any difficulties adjusting to her new home, thanks in part to regular visits from her family. “My kids are wonderful,” she says. “They call and visit whenever they can. It means a lot to me that they care so much.

“I know it’s dangerous for me to live alone, so I really don’t mind living with a large group of seniors,” she adds. Josephine mentions that the key to adjusting to a new home is to know that your family isn’t abandoning you but are just trying to improve your quality of life.”

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