Law Reform – from a BC Perspective.

joanne talorJoanne Taylor has a true passion to help residents of British Columbia learn about and take actions relating to their Power of Attorney issues and documents.

She helps us better understand how Nidus uses technologies to help families register their documents on-line. What Nidus is doing is different, innovative and something that has caught the eye of many groups around the world.

Listen to our podcast to learn more. During our conversation, Joanne talks about:

  1. What is Nidus?
  2. What is Nidus’s role?
  3. What legal documents are available in BC to plan for incapacity?
  4. Is it true that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities looked to the Representation Agreement Act of BC for inspiration when it was drafted?
  5. What is the Nidus Personal Planning Registry and could you give us an example of how families can use it?

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