Let’s talk about death and dying.

Lawyer Barbro Stalbecker-Pountney joins our project to talk about death and dying, something that most people rarely do.

In the best possible of all worlds, we die gently, surrounded by loved ones who have the time and space to grieve because we have prearranged our last days, our funeral wishes assured by preplanning and an executor in place under proper last will and testament to handle our estate.  But it does not always go so easily.

During our podcast conversation we talk about:

-What are some of the issues that you see that could have been looked after better?

-Are there gaps to the planning process?

-Often the primary concern of many people is that they “die well”.  What are some of the steps one can take to ensure that this actually happens?

-What do you say to people who don’t want a ‘traditional’ funeral or perhaps not one at all?


Please listen to our podcast above:


We wish to thank Barbro Stalbecker-Pountney for joining our project and sharing her wisdom with us.


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