Medication reminders

Is there a way to remind an elderly person to take their medicine? I’ve noticed that my mom often forgets to take her medication on time.

It is very important that your mom takes her medication as directed. Fortunately there are several ways to make medication administration easier and more convenient. Talk to your mother’s doctor and pharmacist, who will discuss the medications she is taking and the times they are prescribed. They can then determine the best timing for her to take all or most of her medications in one sitting. The pharmacist can also prepare a blister of all required medications so your mom can easily administer them to herself. Once these packs are prepared, a simple phone call from you or an alarm clock will help remind her when to take her medication.

If your mom is not cognitively aware enough to take her medications at the sound of an alarm, you can contract an accredited agency to visit her daily and assist her. Accredited agencies have trained support workers to help her with all of her activities of daily living. These professionals can assure that she has taken her medication on time.

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