Meet Silver Sherpa and CEO Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt

Recently we had the opportunity to learn about a fantastic Canadian company called Silver Sherpa and speak with their CEO and co-founder Susan Hyatt.

Silver Sherpa is a professional services company working with clients and their families to make successful transitions later in life.  They are unique in how they assist older persons to prepare and manage through lifestyle crises caused by health challenges, loss of a partner, social isolation or other factors putting their quality of life at risk. They combine healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge and project management skills to cut through the maze of options in 3 simple steps – Plan, Navigate, and Connect.

We are so impressed with them, that we wanted to do a podcast so that Susan could tell you herself about her company and what they do.    Please take a moment to listen to what Susan has to say.  She is wise, experienced and professional.

Silver Sherpa is the partner you need to help your family through complex, difficult and challenging life transitions.



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