Message: Calling All Grown Ups!

The other day, I got to thinking about what a wonderful stage in life many of us have entered. Arguably, we live in one of the best (if not the best) countries in the world, which makes our quality of life somewhat enviable. By the time we get into our fifties and beyond, we’re all grown up, have a good amount of experience and our kids are living their own lives.

Our generation has it good. We haven’t seen a world war. We’re the first older adults that aren’t accepting traditional senior living, and are more interested in staying active and on the job than sitting in an armchair. Second or third careers, part-time work, volunteerism, new entrepreneurial endeavours and mentorship are all on
the menu. And as a woman, I’ve seen more progress and enjoyed greater independence, freedom and educational opportunities than my mother ever did. Aside from a few glitches and occasional aches and pains, the majority of us are fitter and healthier (for the most part) than those who have come before. Plus modern medicine is on our side, more often than not, when trouble comes calling.

This is not the time in our lives to look only inward. Each of us needs to watch out for each other with hope in our hearts and with a renewed sense of purpose, and to become caregivers not only for each other but also for our planet.

Last week, listening to elders such as David Suzuki and young leaders such as Greta Thunberg speak during the worldwide climate change marches, I couldn’t help but recognize a new call to arms. The impact our generation has had on the Earth and the urgent need for all of us grown-ups to help fix it is real. It’s time to change our ways and mentor our youngsters to change theirs, too.

There are millions of us in all walks of life. We’re a generation that can vote with our wallets as well as our voices. Let’s talk to business owners, our grandkids and their parents. Let’s reduce
our own personal waste, walk more and consume less.

There is work to be done, and who better to do it than us?


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Posted by Jordan Kalist

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