M’S STORY: Don’t just smell the flowers

<p>I am in the process of diagnosis. All tests are complete except for the memory part. The prescription drug I have been put on causes dreams in 3-D every night. It is like going to a movie, with me as the star. There is no time to feel fear, grief, or any negative thought.</p>
<p>I treat this as a new path in life, waiting to be walked on, discovered, and enjoyed. When faced with the neurologist’s findings, I felt my world fall into place. I did not consciously decide to live each day differently, but I find I do.</p>
<p>Previously, I had reached the point in my life where I stopped to smell the flowers. Now, I see and touch them.</p>
<p>Where a child or grandchild were loved by me, now they are enjoyed to the fullest. I have taught them by example, to enjoy every moment. And we do.</p>

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